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At Aquatech Scuba Schools our objective is to help as many people as possible learn how to scuba dive and experience life underwater. We are education focused and hold our instructors to the highest standards in order to help many people become master scuba divers and instructors as well. 

We want everyone to learn how to dive! Our flexible E-Learning courses for beginners allow more people to overcome any barriers they have to become scuba certified. After the E-Learning courses, your instructor will meet with you in person to finish your training-on your schedule!


New to Scuba? You’re in the right place! We offer an Open Water Dive Certification Course for beginners. 


Are you already certified? We have courses for the advanced diver to work towards becoming a master diver.


Want to become a certified scuba instructor? We offer a flexible internship to help you complete your prerequisites. 


Like Never Before

Get Professional Scuba Gear

As an authorized retailer, we only offer the best quality equipment to ensure the utmost safety underwater.

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now offering

scuba diving excursions

We offer fun and exciting dive trips so you can further explore while also gaining more experience and time underwater.